Assembling GOLF enthusiasts looking for the camaraderie and characteristics of a "club", while enjoying a fun and competitive playing format.  Always accepting new members (inclusive of everyone). 


What does my membership fee get me?

      Your $110 membership fee includes the following:

    1. A twelve (12) month membership to the Collective, including invitations to every official W.G.C. event, social outing, and golf trip
    2. Official SCGA/GHIN/USGA Handicap Index for 1 year (mandatory for W.G.C. official tournaments)
    3. Custom W.G.C. Bag Tag
    4. Access to the W.G.C. Clubhouse where members communicate, network, and best of all setup non-tournament rounds with other members
    5. Eligibility to win W.G.C. Champion Golfer of the Year, Most Valuable Member, & Tournament prizes
    6. $20 off coupon to Roger Dunn, Underpar.com discount + other great deals the SCGA offers.

Do I need a USGA handicap?

That is one requirement of the Collective but if you don't already have one, one will be provided by the SCGA. This is a perk that's included in your W.G.C. membership.

What if I'm already a current SCGA membership?

The SCGA & Westside Golf Collective are happy to offer a discounted rebate to any person who may already be a member of a different club or course. If you do already have a membership just let us know, and we'll be happy to assist you with an additional $17 rebate.

How often does the Collective play?

The collective aims play tournament golf once a month. There will also be random group outings, contests, and skins games to happen throughout the month. We will be sure to send out advance notice of tournament outings. We strongly encourage joining up with fellow members to schedule a round together when the collective isn't having a tournament.

 What if I have a friend that wants to play, but isn't a member?

We're happy to accomodate anyone that wants to play in one of our events, but isn't a member. If you are a friend of a member or just joining because you'd like to be a part of a club, we'll allow you (1) round to experience the Collective firsthand. After that, we ask that you join the Collective before your second round. We do ask that you give us plenty of advanced notice if you have a friend joining, so we can properly adjust for the correct number of tee times. We know how player's enjoy playing with their friends, and we're all about growing the game. Just let us know who you'd prefer to play with, and we'll do our best to make sure you play together as many times as possible.

 What makes this a golf "collective"?

Everyone who is a member has an equal share in the collective. Everyone's experience is designed to be similar. Our goal is to rid the game of the outdated stigma's, increase the number of people who golf, and make sure we leave golf better than we found it. What a better way to showcase everything great GOLF has to offer today. We just ask that you respect the game and others, and maybe bring a friend to play with you next round.

What happens if I want to join, but the season has already started?

You are more than welcome to join the collective once the "season" has started. You will start with zero points toward the C.G.O.Y., but are eligible to start earning as soon as you're accepted. The point structure is designed to reward those who play in as many tournaments as possible. The point breakdown can be found here.

Where can I find a list of upcoming tournaments/events?

The list of official tournaments and events is here --> Tournament Schedule