Giving Opportunities Less Fortunate

How does BackTee give back?

      We donate a percentage sales to a variety of charities we have chosen to be involved with. We thoughtfully decided on 3 charities that are close to our heart and associated with golf. We think the option of letting YOU choose which charity YOU want your portion of the proceeds to go to would be more impactful, and will connect you more personally to our brand. We also hope this allows us to build a stronger relationship with YOU by proving we're not just another apparel brand, we're doing what we LOVE. We truly care about making our community, the game of golf, and ourselves better. 


How do I choose the charity I want my portion to go to?

      When you're in the checkout screen, you'll see a drop down menu below the products in your shopping cart. There you'll see the 3 charities, or the option to split your portion equally between the 3 charities. Click on your choice, and then proceed to the payment screen. 


Why did we choose the charities we did?

      We understand that life brings on unfortunate events and thought, "What better way to give back than to contribute to what we do as a brand?"

      The first charity we chose was The Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. We have a close connection to the hospital as they have treated a couple of young kids we know. Those families have nothing but amazing things to say about the hospital. The work they do in pediatrics is nothing short of spectacular, and we look forward to helping many more kids.

      The second charity is The First Tee of Los Angeles. Since we're involved in the game of golf, we've gotten to experience firsthand the benefits this great game can offer, even at a young age. We know many kids can't afford or aren't given the opportunity to ever play it, and we want to help bring the game to matter their circumstance.

      The third charity we chose is Birdies for the Brave. We wanted to be involved with a charity that give's back to Veteran's through the game of golf. We know multiple wonderful people who has served our country, and we can't imagine what it's like to come back from that experience. We are grateful and thankful for their service and sacrifice. We hope the game of golf can help them in as many ways as possible.

      We thank all of our customers for their purchases, and taking the effort to choose which charity appeals to YOU the most. With these donations, we hope we'll be able to make a small difference to these deserving people and organizations. 


How can I get my charity featured as a donation option?

      We will be rotating the charities we donate to over time, so send us a message on our Contact Us page, or shoot us a DM on Instagram. Be sure to send along a short explanation detailing why you would like your charity to be featured. If you have a specific involvement with that charity, please be sure to mention that in your message. Thanks for making the BackTee family THE BEST.